Shop Local

When it's time to dine and shop, keep Homerville on your mind! Money spent locally, circulates locally, and our local businesses support this wonderful community. So, if they sell it here, don't buy it there! Check out all the great places to shop in Homerville, GA!

Grow Local

We want your new or existing business in Downtown Homerville to grow, and we will help in any way possible.  There are resources available for business owners looking to open or expand in Homerville's Central Business District, and we are here to help!

Love Local

Keep up to date on all the fun events going on right here in Homerville. See something you would like to do? Come join us! Want get involved? Come volunteer; these great events won't happen without your help! Let's love our HOMErville!

Be Local

If you are looking for a great place to visit or something fun to do, look no further! Our historic buildings and landmarks remind us of who were and who we are; get out and enjoy them! In Homerville, we have everything you need to have a good time.